Residential Removals

Holdem Removals have successfully completed thousands of house moves throughout the UK. Whether you’re moving from a studio, a 5+ bed flat or an office, we’ve got a team of professional movers available to ensure your house move is as hassle-free and runs as smooth as possible.

House Removals

House removals can last anywhere from a couple of hours for smaller house removals, to a couple of days for exceptionally large house removals but we plan the entire move from start to finish to ensure it takes as little time as possible.

Our flexible house removals service covers all of your needs, from packing, to storage and specialist removal of fragile & valuable items.

  • Tailor-made packaging to suit your every need
  • Full insurance of your antiques, art & other valuable items
  • Moving in the shortest possible time, no matter how far



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Flat Removals

Moving from or into a flat or high-rise building can present multiple challenges without the help of skilled professionals. At Holdem Removals, you can leave all the hard work to us.

You can rely on us to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible with minimum effort from you.

  • Stop worrying about heavy lifting or moving your things up&down the stairs
  • Every item is packed according to your specifications
  • We can provide all the packaging you require — no need for extra boxes

Single Item Removals

Heavy items such as pianos, american fridges, dumbbells, machinery and large pieces of furniture can be difficult to move by yourself and it can be very dangerous if do not have the correct training or equipment for the job.

Our heavy item removals service can be used for residential or commercial moves both locally and nationwide, we’re totally flexible with our service to ensure your needs and requirements are met fully.
Perhaps you have a single item that is going to a friend or family member or maybe you’ve sold an item that needs to be relocated to its new residence or even something that needs to be disposed of.

We can handle the whole process from start to finish, saving you the hassle of running around, not to mention time and money.

Other services

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Packing is a vital part of any move, whether a small flat, a house or office.
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